My practice

So,  I have finally given into the blogging craze, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to start using a blog as an alternative to writing a diary, it would be my online diary. It will make it easier to upload images of my latest pieces and will make my practice more Eco friendly by saving on the mass amount of paper used for printing all of my images!! Furthermore, it  keeps me up to date with current modern trends of blogging, and will enable me to show the world my art.

I am currently studying for a Fine Art degree at Loughborough University of which I am now in my second year ! Time does fly…. 

My practice varies from sculpture to painting , of which I sometimes like to combine to make a more interesting concept. The main focus of my practice tends to always be about texture, I am interested in drawing attention to the everyday mundane objects which aren’t normally deemed ‘beautiful’.

Another element of my practice that drives my inspiration is the exploration, experimentation and fascination with different materials, and what techniques can be used to transform them and incorporate them into my art. 


Photography is one of the main aspects of my research, I believe it enables a macro view of the delicate details of the world, which the naked eye doesn’t always see. 

For my current project, I decided to create a photographic diary of all the things that inspire me. I didn’t want to set a theme,  I saw it as an experiment to find out what my sub conscious mind was attracted to, without manipulating it by setting a ‘topic’ as such. I believe that creates limitations and a tunnel like vision, meaning some details may be ignored. 

The photographs shows my thought processes as I become fascinated with the texture of an object or the form of something. These thought processes make an interesting base to start my project from, I feel like I want to rebel away from setting such ridged topics, and instead do whatever inspires me at the time. I believe this will create a variety of outcomes and will really push me to explore different techniques and experiment with different materials. 



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