Process Painting


IMG_0027I wanted to continue with the spatula paintings, however, I felt there was room for development. I decided to change to scale of painting. I began by stretching some A1 paper onto board, this would allow me to push the potential of the paintings without having to worry about the paper wrinkling when adding water. The paintings were developed in layers, this would allow the water and paint to dry, furthermore if I wasn’t satisfied with the final result I could then go back and add more to it. I feel these photographs of the process hold a different quality to the final paintings as they show the qualities of the water and its interaction with the paint. During this process I began to experiment and explore additional materials to add into the painting to see what effect it would have. For instance, by adding linseed oil created a really interesting effect as it repelled against the water and separated the paint into particles. This can be witnessed in these photographs, but not in the final paintings as it has all been soaked into the paint, therefore the delicate detail has been lost. The next stage of my project will involve printing out these images onto large sheets of paper, of which I will then experiment by drawing into the surface to see what effect it will create.


Oil, ink, acrylic and water reaction







IMG_0036By changing the position of the board allows the ink to drip down the page.







IMG_0047Here I have continued to experiment by using everyday domestic objects to create my art. This piece has been created by using a jay cloth of which I had previously soaked with black acrylic paint. The result was very interesting, where the cloth was slightly wet it has watered down the acrylic to create sections of smooth contrasting sections, however where some of the cloth was dry it has allowed more texture and delicate detail to be captured. It would be really interesting to scan in this painting an manipulate it through Photoshop to see how it can be enhanced. It could also be used to layer my etchings to create a ground.

IMG_0048Once again, the everyday object influences my work. This piece started off with just one cup ring, where the jar had split over it had created a pattern on the surface of the paper, this really inspired me so I continued to move the jar around the paper to create this unique pattern. The aray of patterns and colours is really interesting, from the delicate detail of the serrated bottom of the jar which has imprinted into the paper to the watery ink soaking into the paper. This work had an accidental concept to it.



IMG_0054This piece was created by laying the sheet of paper over the top of another which had been covered in watered down acrylic, the patterns that have been created resemble the branches of a tree. Once again there is a sense of no control within this piece as it was ‘accidentally’ created as such, the materials were in control of the final effect.

IMG_0060Interaction between acrylic paint and water


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