Screen printing workshop – 22/11/2013


I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of different methods and techniques that are available to fine artists, screen printing was one method that I hadn’t yet experienced. However, I wanted it to fit in with my project so instead of printing off an image I had taken with my camera off the digital printer I decided to become a human printer and print my pattern by hand. I chose to do a printing method that was quite successful within my project, this involved printing with a domestic jay cloth. I made sure that I used a thinner paper so that it would allow light through when it came to treating the screen in the darkroom. Once I had printed the pay cloth across the paper with black acrylic I then needed to cover the paper in oil, this transforms the paper to make it translucent, now the ‘stencil’ can be photographically treated in the dark room. This involved covering the screen in light sensitive emulsion which is then positioned on top of the stencil and then exposed to UV light. This process translates the paper pattern onto the screen which is then used to print with.

Overall the prints were reasonably successful, however I found the process laborious and time consuming. This was where the screen needed washing in between  each print to stop the ink from clogging the screen. Although, the prints that I managed to extract were successful I still feel that etching was more effective in capturing an atmosphere and a delicate texture.


Paper stencil and oil


Screen after photo process


Once dried the emulsion on the screen turns a beautiful purple colour.


Some of the detail captured from the cloth printing.


Printing bed all set up ready to print.


Final screen print




Experimentation with layering different colours of ink on top of each other to create interest and depth. However, here the background colour went wrong as the printing squeegee was broken and prevented the print from being evening covered in ink.





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