Here I have extracted some drawings from my sketch book, I wanted to explore another process of mark making through the method of drawing. I have just experimented with random repetitive patterns to embellish the surface of the paper with a busy texture. Layers have been built up through overlapping of the pattern, this creates depth within the drawings.

I researched into drawing too, I felt that my whole project was predominantly about drawing and the process of mark making. Drawing doesn’t necessarily have to involve using pencil,  drawing is all about making a mark on a surface. Drawing has a nostalgic feeling about it, it is something we as humans have always done starting from a very young age. Drawing is about being human, it is a form of communication when our language fails. As adults, we dream through drawing or doodling or scribbling as it may be called. My drawings have a doodle element to them, these drawings have all been made during a lecture or a conversation with someone or when I have things on my mind, it’s almost a form of escape from everyday life. Drawing is a form of acceptance of our surroundings, it is a reflective activity. Throughout our whole lives we leave marks, tracks or shadows these mark our existence, for instance, footprints/hand prints, vapor trails in the sky, breath on the window these are all forms of drawing. Intentional or unintentional drawing occurs in our everyday lives.










I started to use oil pastels within my drawings to see what effect the drawing would have when I used a different medium, this has a really interesting effect as the soft pastels catch on the texture of the paper which gives the drawing a blurred effect.







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