Group tutorial 04/12/2013

It sometimes takes another point of view for you to discover what your project is actually about. In fact this project is all about surfaces, from the very beginning that’s all I was sub-consciously looking at and continue to explore now.


Looking back to the very beginning, it was all about the surface quality of the door and the sense of faded glory, it once was a beautiful door but now that has faded and the remnant of that past door remains. However, this is the aging process that I find very attractive it is a reference to its historic past and all that it has gone through in its objective life.


Once again, here it was all about the quality of the surface this shows the erosion process of a wall which can be seen all around us. Within our urban landscape, in the midst of our economic crisis buildings crumble around us. This decay strips back layers to expose true elements of beauty.

The next step of my project will involve more research and experimentation into different materials, I want to start building up layers of materials and then strip them back to expose the layers. Much like this bill board which has also been stripped away and abandoned but there is something really interesting about the surface texture.


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