Mono-printing onto opaque materials



I wanted to push my mono-printing so that I could the maximum potential out of the prints. After printing onto different sorts of paper previously I felt like I needed to print onto a material that had an opaque quality. And so, I decided to experiment by printing onto some non acidic tissue paper (stops it breaking down over time) I felt this would compliment my delicate prints. Furthermore the thinness of the paper would allow maximum detail to be pressed through. This was very successful, these photographs are examples of the pieces being held up to natural sun light, this really highlights and brings to life the pattern and textures that have been drawn onto the paper. However, the only problem I did have with printing onto tissue paper was that it was very delicate which meant that sometimes it got ripped as the drawing implement (end of paint brush) tore through the paper. Although, this does not detract away from the quality of the drawings .









After building my confidence with the tissue paper, I felt it was time to do a ‘finalised’ print on some special paper. This is when I discovered ¬†Japanese paper, the texture was perfect it was soft and full of delicate fibers which would compliment my linear drawings. I decided to draw a fluid organic pattern which echoed the patterns in the paper.



Here I have experimented scale with the mono-prints, the pictures above and below are examples of this and are the size of A1 sheets of paper.




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