Drawing 1


After organising my ideas within the confines of my sketchbook I decided to extract a pattern that had the most success, which was the looping pattern. This texture/pattern is created through a repetitive process whereby the pencil is looping in a circular motion, over and over again using soft and hard pencils to create a varying tonality. I decided that having the whole page open to the pattern would be too overwhelming for the viewer and would detract away from the detail of the texture. And so, I chose to capture the texture within a restricted frame, set within the space of the page. This would control the chaos within a square and would create a contrast between the detailed drawing and the pure white page. The attention of the viewer will therefore be focussed on the densely patterned square, they will be drawn in to take a closer look to see all the unique gestures and marks. This drawing has been completed on an A1 sheet of paper, it has the potential to be made bigger.



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