Gestural marks – Controlled chaos


Here I have continued to experiment with a range of gestural marks within the limitations of the rectangle set within the paper (A1). This is to see which marks worked best within the controlled environment, these marks vary from zigzags, cross hatches and circular looping. These drawings come as a series of three, their interaction is interesting to observe within the studio. I feel each drawing has a different personality/ atmosphere to it which has been determined by the mark which has been used, for instance, there is a sense of structure and rhythm within the zigzag drawing which is set within the rows of zigzags; which vary in size to give a sense of scale. I have taken a similar approach within all my drawings, I wanted the scale of the marks to vary so that it is apparent to the viewer how the pattern has been created – through a laborious repetitive method. Furthermore I believe it creates depth within the drawing, the larger marks creating the foreground and the smaller marks merge together to create the background. Throughout the series of drawings I have also continued to change the tonality to create a contrast within the drawing, this has been created by using varying grades of pencils as well as changing the physical pressure upon the pencil which creates an indent into the paper which adds to the ranging textures of the pieces.

I find looking at all three drawings together is an effective method of determining which mark is the most successful, this I feel has been achieved within the circular loop drawing (middle). There are a number of reasons for this; during the process of the drawing the method of looping was the easiest of the marks to repeat as the loop has a continuous motion, this fluidity comes through in the finalised drawing – the elegant waves of clustered loops dance across the page. This drawing has a dream quality to it, the viewer become immersed within the busy patterns. The fact that these drawings are non-representational is an important aspect of these pieces, they rely on a sense of imagination which is unique to an individual, for instance, one viewer will say the drawing looks like a cloud of smoke, whereas another may say that it looks like a flock of birds flying through the sky. This opens up the viewer to discussion and debate of what the drawing is about.


Personally, for me, the drawings are my own release of emotions and thoughts. It is my escape from the world as I become immersed within the process of repetition, the building of layers, creating a surface texture, creating a trail with my pencil across the pure white paper. The looping motion resembles the repetition of everyday life, the roller-coaster of emotions that we experience. The drawings are a personal journey.









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