Summary/ conclusion of semester 2

I feel I have been on a real journey, not only an artistic one but a personal one -which has been explored through the use of drawing. I have found a method and a process of expression, through the repetition of gestures to build up surface texture and pattern. I am leaving my trace, my footprint through drawing – whether it be within the confines of my sketchbook, to sheets of paper both small and large, to the public space of the wall of my studio. I have really pushed my limits and the limits of drawing, this I wish to continue into my final year. Perhaps to go onto make a drawing installation of which a room will be made up completely of drawing, the viewer will be encased and surrounded by a room whereby the walls are covered in drawing. I intend on raising the status of drawing so that it is considered as an equal medium for high art materials such as paint. It has been a successful year. See you next year drawing ….


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