Final year = a continuation of drawing.

For my final year the decision has been made to continue my enquiry into drawing, I feel there is room for further exploration and development. My previous project on drawing which took place throughout my second year has fuelled my inspiration and ambition to push the boundaries of drawing through the use of large scale formats in which the process of repetition will be practised. This will be my own personal method of reflection and expression of emotions which will be displayed through the use of gesture, rhythm and pressure of the marks through tonal ranges. Furthermore I want to continue using the walls as a foundation for my drawings to be displayed upon, this transforms the purpose of the studio walls, they become part of the drawings. This use of the walls allows the drawing to become part of the space and architecture and encourages a relationship and interaction between the two.

Research is an important element of my practice, both primarily through experimentation in the studios and secondarily researching and engaging with contemporary, historic art, and art theory which predominantly focus on drawing. Additionally I plan to expand my research into time based art and repetition to show how they relate to my work and to give a broad range of practises which share similarities. Both areas of research are essential, they work hand in hand, the secondary helps gain understanding and knowledge of the primary and vis versa. Time is an important aspect of my work which is explored through a laborious process, this is one element I feel I failed to get across to my audience last year, this can be solved by recording the process of the drawing through time lapse photography and film. This will enable the viewer to see how the drawing grows on the surface of the wall and the effort that goes into the repetitive technique. This will give my practise a performative element, the performance will be the film and the act of drawing. By including film within my practise will put me out of my comfort zone as its something I haven’t used before, this will expand my knowledge and understanding of film and performance art which will be enabled by further research and learning how to use the equipment correctly. This will also include the use of post production software which will involve editing my film into digestible content.

Regarding the use of materials I plan to continue using just pencil and graphite to complete my drawings, I want to celebrate the qualities of this medium I am inspired by its simplicity, elegance, delicacy and its expressionistic capabilities. Furthermore I feel it has a direct relationship with the history of drawing, it is a traditional material which isn’t normally used to create a final piece.



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