Blind drawing

I wanted to start my project by going through some experimental ideas which will help the initial fear of the blankness of the white page. I wanted to get into the repetitive routine and rhythm so that I could get my project up and running. I thought about doing some blind drawings, which the name already suggests (drawing without sight or vision). This I thought would be an interesting concept, as my previous drawings had all been completed with the aid of my vision therefore it seemed I was drawing what I thought was aesthetically pleasing. Instead I wanted to be become more sensually aware of the movement across the surface of the paper, and become more aware of my emotions and feelings. I sensed that in my first drawings that I wasn’t relaxing and immersing myself into the drawing, and so, I ensured I relaxed by breathing in through my nose and out again this enabled my muscles to relax which changed the shape of the gestures.

I experimented in various ways to see how the effect and depth changed, this involved experimenting with different hardnesses of pencils and using multiple pencils at the same time.

I decided to listen to music through my headphones, this enables me to fully disconnect from the background noise of the studios and immerse myself into the drawing. Furthermore, the lyrics within the music express thoughts and emotions which I can relate to. With each song I completed a different drawing to show how the music has effected my emotions through the use of gesture.

I feel although these drawings appear to be successful that they are not relevant to my practice whereby I use the limitations of a pattern or rectangle to encase the drawing, whereas here the drawing flows freely on the page. Drawing blind was a new experience for me, it felt really disorientating as I was navigating my way around the page with the pencil. I became more aware of my own physical presence within the space the darkness made my body feel heavy, this gave me a dizzy sensation which added to my disorientation.

I do not plan to continue blind drawing within my project, this was just an experiment to see how I can explore and manipulate my senses and attempting to focus on my emotions through extreme concentration.






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