Drawing sculpture

Upon moving into my studio space I discovered a plinth which had been left from the previous year, at first I thought nothing of it and began using it as a surface to shelve my materials. Then, when brainstorming ideas I was thinking about the idea of attempting to make my drawings more three dimensional. I realised that I could use the plinth as the surface of which my drawings could grow on, the structure of the plinth would really change the format of my drawing.  Below is a picture showing the original state of the plinth, I simple had to sand it down as there was a roughness to the surface of the paint which would distort the linear line of the pencil.


Initially I had no solid plans for the plinth, in my mind I had previously planned to completely cover the object in drawing so that the plinth would become a solid mass of drawing, however when I started to draw onto the surface of the plinth I realised an alternative idea which would enable the drawing to explore the structure of the object. This was to let the drawing flow freely around the plinth in a spiralling motion gradually climbing up the sides until finally reaching the top of the structure. The image below shows my personal interaction with the object and gives a sense of scale.


In the picture below you can see how the pattern is developing on the side of the plinth, there is already a clear contrast between the white areas and the textured area of pencil. By leaving areas of the plinth white it gives the object freedom for future possibilities to fully cover the plinth in drawing, this is an opportunity which can be developed later in the project if I decide to do so.


DSC03205 DSC03206 DSC03208

I decided to blend the pattern around the edges of the plinth so that it would stay in one fluid form rather within the separate panels of the plinth. This was really successful and gave the effect that the drawing was a continuous flowing form around the three dimensional object.

IMG_8584 IMG_8587


20141010_154128 20141010_161316

DSC03241 DSC03242 DSC03243 DSC03244

I think the finished piece is really successful, in the sense that I have changed the format of my drawing which was originally flat. Whereas now the drawing has become a three dimensional object which grows around the exterior of the plinth. Whilst drawing onto the plinth I gained further inspiration to continue the pattern onto the table the plinth was sitting on, this would give the effect that the drawing was spreading and growing on the surfaces of the everyday items and objects within the space of the studio. Furthermore, this approach can also be used with other shapes such a cube therefore there is room for development within drawing sculptures. These ideas will be documented within my sketchbook.



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