Paris study trip

It felt really good to finally get out of Loughborough, after spending over a month restricted to the same place I felt like it was just what I needed to do to gain some space/distance and perspective from my work. It would enable me to come back to it a week later with fresh eyes and loaded with inspiration absorbed from Paris.

I feel looking back with hindsight that even if I hadn’t managed to see any exhibitions or art work that I would have been inspired by the beautiful architecture. I decided to walk the majority of the way around Paris instead of catching the tube, this enabled me to see far more of the urban surroundings. I was inspired by the romance and decadence of the architecture,  the attention to detail through elaborate embellishment was breath taking, an art in itself. The formality of the landscape added to this romance through the endless avenues of trees lining the river, this structure is something that is unique to French landscape.




Not only was I inspired by the Parisian architecture, I was also inspired by the artwork and exhibitions I visited. The first museum I visited was Palais de Tokyo, this museum contained a range of contemporary artists whom all used materials in unique ways. For example the first artwork you see as you walk through the entrance is a sculpture by Numen/For use which hangs above the viewers, made out of a stretchy translucent plastic which looked like cling film was stretched between points much like a spiders web. However much to my astonishment the hanging 3D structure could be experienced by the viewers who were allowed to enter the sculpture!

One key work of art that I found truly inspirational was the work by Marc Couturier whereby a whole room was filled with drawing. Using a similar process to me where there is a flow to the drawing where the pencil doesn’t leave the surface of the wall.



DSC03381 - Copy DSC03389 DSC03396 DSC03406 DSC03426 DSC03439 DSC03452 DSC03458 DSC03462 DSC03468 DSC03480 DSC03497 DSC03500 DSC03505 DSC03580 DSC03589 DSC03590 DSC03592 DSC03593 DSC03595 DSC03607 DSC03642 DSC03643 DSC03644 DSC03735 DSC03744


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