Wall drawing

As a continuum from previous works I decided to return to drawing directly onto the wall, I wanted to directly influence the space which surrounded me. Much like Sol Lewitts art the architecture becomes part of the work acting as the canvas of the drawings.  I decided I needed to push myself, I wanted to increase the scale of previous wall drawings and so I decided to draw across an entire wall the edges acting as the frame/restrictions. I chose to draw upon a wall with a doorway in the middle, this would act as an entrance between two spaces meaning the viewer would be forced to interact with the work. Furthermore, the drawing would have more movement as it flowed over the doorway. I decided to add another element to my drawing by documenting it through film, it would record the entire process of the wall drawing and would help the viewers understand what goes into the process of the drawing. After experimenting with other mediums I could potentially use to draw with, I decided to return to using pencil. A mundane material used in everyday circumstances, it would enable a connection between the viewer and the artwork as they would be able to relate to the use of the pencil. However, I would be using it in an extreme way by constantly repeating the same mark, over and over to build up layers of looping to create surface texture. Within these marks, movement would be created through changing the softness/hardness of the pencils accordingly to create a range of tonalities which gives the drawing movement which has been said to look like a landscape – this is unintentional. Midway through my drawing I hit the ‘writers block’ but the artistic form, I became restless and lacked any enthusiasm for my drawing. I felt I needed to release my frustration, this was achieved by scrunching up an old drawing of mine playing with the concept of frustration, for example when someone is unhappy with something they have drawn or written they screw it up. This created another three dimensional drawing, the creases in the paper adding volume and abstract shapes to the drawing. This sculpture inspired me to continue drawing and get it completed so that I could see all the drawing objects together. The more time I spent drawing I soon realised that I wouldn’t be able to reach over the doorway, it would be too unsafe on a ladder and so I decided to complete the drawing just below the doorway. This would also enable me to start the other-side of the wall as I was running out of time before the Christmas holidays. After 35 hours I finally completed the drawing. Overall I am really pleased with the final result, the drawing is tall enough to tower over most viewers surrounding them with drawing which they can immerse themselves into. For next semester I would like to continue working within my studio area adding more and more drawing to make a drawing installation.DSC03273 DSC03278 DSC03284 DSC03285 - Copy DSC03289 - Copy DSC03293 DSC03295 DSC03297 DSC03748 DSC03749 DSC03754 DSC03776 DSC03777DSC03784

DSC_0027 - CopyDSC_0016 - Copy DSC_0030 - Copy DSC_0032 - Copy  DSC03785 DSC03787DSC_0012 - Copy DSC03788 DSC03800 DSC03801 DSC03808 DSC03811 DSC_0010 - Copy


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